Juliana is a 16 year-old singer songwriter from Florida with more than 6 years of singing under her belt.

Even though most of these are in the shower, she likes to count them all the same.  

She doesn't know why she started making music, but really she wants her listeners to feel something. Read her lyrics and you'll know why.

Her outlook on teen romance and young living are the main themes in her songs, with problems such as long distance relationships and mean girls set to the swing of electric guitar. 

Her new single Never Die is based on the idea of the immortality of the teen midsummer dream. It's a big change from her roots and has a more melancholy feel. It's the type of music you'd like to walk slowly through a meadow to. 

She's still trying to find her sound, and experimenting, but at the same time, she will continue to make music that is truly and unapologetically her.